Residential Services

Acoustic Vision offers numerous residential solutions. Whether your building a new home or wanting to retrofit new solutions to your home. Acoustic Vision has the knowledge and experience to solve all your technology needs.

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Design & Engineering Services

Acoustic Vision is a firm believer in utilizing design tools to properly document and design every project we take on. This allows us to have a road map of how the system was designed and installed. In addition, engineering allows us to accurately propose a system for our clients which in turn keep the project on budget.

Home Theater

What is Home Theater?
When you think of home theater, many times people think of a large screen with speakers located throughout the room.  We understand that not everybody likes to see this.  This is why Acoustic Vision specializes in integrating products that allow the technology to disappear into the walls and provide outstanding performance without compromise.

Distributed Audio & Video

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could play your favorite music in each room of the house? How about having the ability for your Blu-Ray player & recorded shows from your cable box to follow you to every television in the home. Here at Acoustic Vision we specialize in designing distributed audio/video systems catered around your needs.

Control & Automation

Imagine you’re at your house and you want to watch a movie. With your remote you hit a button that says DVD and then magic happens. All of the needed equipment turns on and the equipment that is not being used turns off. All the television and receiver inputs are changed to the correct inputs matching the audio and video. Then as the movie begins the lights dim down and the temperature lowers to a comfortable 68 degrees.

ISF Video Calibration

ISF calibration helps home video displays deliver the best possible image quality. Most televisions and home video systems display wildly inaccurate images when first installed. Manufactures deliberately boost the brightness, contrast and color setting to unnaturally high levels to show these devices off. They do this to make the television stand out in a showroom. Once the display enters a home theater or living room environment, calibration corrects these errors and is set for the rooms conditions.

Universal Remote

Do you get frustrated with your television because there are too many remotes? Let us help you by consolidating your remotes down to a single “very easy” to use universal remote.


Over the past few years, audio/video equipment has evolved drastically. Almost every piece of equipment requires networking to some degree. Many devices now are using the internet to stream audio/video content, check email, remote monitoring & more. Control systems are also controlling the electronic equipment from the homes internal network.

Home Health Systems

Do you have an aging loved one that wants to live independent? Give yourself piece of mind while allowing them the ability to “Age in Place”. Acoustic Vision can provide some unique solutions that help give you piece of mind knowing that they are safe and happy.
Visit Health Vision to learn more about Age in Place technology.

Security Systems

Give yourself & your family piece of mind by adding an alarm system to your home. Acoustic Vision offers burglar systems, camera systems, fire monitoring and more.

Lighting Control

Remove wall clutter and add a smart lighting system to your design. Instead of having light switches throughout the house or commercial space, replace them with designer friendly keypads. These custom programmed keypads allow you to design custom lighting scenes that help set the mood for the environment. Programmed scenes include turning on lighting automatically based on the time of day. A “pathway” button may be programmed to light a path of lighting throughout the home. These systems offer unique design elements to the project, but also save on energy. By dimming a lights just slightly, you can save 30-50% on energy consumption. Let Acoustic Vision design a system that meets your needs.

Shades and Window Treatment

Motorized shades and window treatments are a very popular choice to add to an automation system. Let Acoustic Vision design a motorized shade system that will help save on your energy bill and add a unique design element to your home.

Central Vacuum

Do you get tired of carrying the vacuum throughout the house when you clean? Let Acoustic Vision add a central vacuum system to make cleaning an easy task.

Energy Management

Do you want to know how much energy your home is using? Better yet, do you want to save money on your monthly bill? Whether you’re trying to live a “greener” lifestyle or save some “green”, let Acoustic Vision design an energy management system for your home.

Construction & Remodel

Acoustic Vision can be your one stop source for building or remodeling your home. We have a licensed & bonded general contractor on staff that can take on any project large or small.

Installation Services

This includes service calls to installation of equipment that was purchased elsewhere.
Does your system not function the way you like? Did your last integrator not provide the services you were expecting? Let Acoustic Vision help. We provide full installation services even if the equipment was bought elsewhere. We even offer service contracts that will ensure your system will always be operating at its best.