Designer Solutions

Acoustic Vision specializes in providing seamless integration of technology into any environment. We specialize in eliminating the wall clutter and incorporating technology into the project that doesn’t distract from the beauty of the design. In many cases, we provide products and solutions that may stir some new ideas and help enhance the design elements of your project.

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Mirror Televisions

Imagine getting ready for work in the morning and having a television embedded into the mirror so you can watch the morning news. What if you could place a custom framed mirror above the fireplace and have it transform into a television or digital art frame on request. Acoustic Vision has partnered with “LA Design” to provide custom framing that will match any décor.

Seamless Lighting Control

Remove wall clutter and add a smart lighting system to your design. Instead of having light switches throughout the house or commercial space, replace them with designer friendly keypads. These custom programmed keypads allow you to design custom lighting scenes that help set the mood for the environment. Programmed scenes include turning on lighting automatically based on the time of day. A “pathway” button may be programmed to light a path of lighting throughout the home. These systems offer unique design elements to the project, but also save on energy.  By dimming lights just slightly, you can save 30-50% on energy consumption.  Let Acoustic Vision design a system that meets your needs.

Disappearing Projection Systems

Do you or your client want a large theater sized image, but don’t have a dedicated room?  Acoustic Vision specializes in providing designer solutions that provide both performance and aesthetically pleasing solutions for the living room or boardroom.  Imagine a large screen appearing from the ceiling slowly dropping a floating image in front of the viewing area.  Let Acoustic Vision design a projection system that blends into the environment, but also provides a plasma quality image.  Acoustic Vision specializes in providing designer friendly theater & boardroom solutions while keeping performance in mind.

Designer Grade Furniture Meets Tech

Acoustic Vision provides designer furniture while keeping the needs of audio/video performance in mind. From wire management to thermal management, Acoustic Vision provides seating & furniture that meets your design criteria.