Home Theater

What is Home Theater?
When you think of home theater, many times people think of a large screen with speakers located throughout the room.  We understand that not everybody likes to see this.  This is why Acoustic Vision specializes in integrating products that allow the technology to disappear into the walls and provide outstanding performance without compromise.

Imagine you are in your great room and you have a nice decorative custom framed mirror hanging on the wall or above the fireplace.  What if on command your mirror turns into a television and the room fills with rich sound. Let’s take it a step further. Imagine you want to have a larger picture for movie time.  What if a screen slowly lowered from the ceiling dropping it in front of the mirror to give you a large theater sized image.  Let Acoustic Vision help design a space that is custom to you and your design.

How big is that plasma screen?
So you don’t have a dedicated theater room, but you still want a large screen?No problem. Acoustic Vision makes it possible to have projection even with rooms with ambient light.  Acoustic Vision features technology that allows you to enjoy 100″+ images even with rooms that compete with ambient light.  So let us design a package that allows you to have a theater experience in the comforts of your living room.

Your Own Private Screening Room
Do you want to experience cinema just as it was intended?  Put yourself in the director’s chair and let Acoustic Vision design your personal private screening room. Acoustic Vision offers complete room design, construction, and installation for your dream theater.

What are those black bars?
Have you ever wondered why you still have black bars on the top and bottom of the screen when watching a DVD or Blu-Ray? The reason for this is because 16×9 or the geometry of a flat panel is designed for cable and satellite not Hollywood movies.  Hollywood uses a wider format sometimes referred to as anamorphic.  The image filmed is wider to make the image more immersive.  This is fine at your local movie theater, but at home you get a less immersive image since the picture is cut down because of the annoying black bars.  Acoustic Vision can make those black bars disappear by adding an anamorphic lens system to the projector.  If the primary use for the theater will be for movie watching, it’s a must to choose an panamorphic projection system.

So you have probably heard the buzz about 3D.  At Acoustic Vision we specialize in bringing you the best 3D experience available.  But why stop there.  Take your theater to the 4th dimension by adding a motion simulator to your room. This technology, which is being deployed in the top theaters in country, can be brought to your home theater.  This allows you to “feel” the movie like you’ve never experienced it before. Let us turn your favorite chair or loveseat into a jet plane. We also offer dedicated seating that is designed around the motion system which provides the ultimate motion experience.

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