Creating the art behind the wall

The space you live and work in shapes your daily routines. You walk into a room and flip on a light switch. You pick up a phone to make a call. You adjust the window shades or the heat or the radio. A million little actions to make your surroundings more comfortable. Imagine if you could control it all from one spot. Or better yet, set it all to automatically adjust to your preferences. Acoustic Vision specializes in bringing the space around you completely under your control. From the living room to the board room, the professionals at Acoustic Vision can work with you to design as simple or as complete a system as you need in your space. Set your lights on a timer, or set your lights, thermostat, and window shades to adjust based on the time of day or your activity. We help you design your ideal system, we install it, and we teach you how to use it.
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